Useful to have this blog for those times when you’re not quite ready to veg entirely but you’ve finished a bunch of work and feel the urge to reflect. Script for Ignition completed and sent to the director who seemed to like it. She had a few ideas for improvements and clarification – which were all on the money. I’m particularly happy this director has a background in comedy – so she’ll be able to locate where the the funny bits are working and where they’re not.

Strange delay always with writing though. Feedback or performance never comes when you want it and you’re invariably onto something else by the time it does. I’ve already shifted to a sitcom I’m writing for the BBC – which isn’t as rubbish as I thought it was. I’m not sure they’ll pick it up though – coz I’m not really sure I’m a comedy writer. There are funny bits in it but I struggle to write jokes. Funny stuff just happens sometimes – or the tone of the characters is such that they say slightly humorous things…not really selling it am I?! We’ll see.

I’ll finish that and send it off, do a bit of a play called Ghostwright the remainder of the week, then focus on another play “Caring” which I’m workshopping with Davina Johki and Anna Marsland on Sunday.

The other half’s arm is still broken so I’m trying to be supportive with that (forced me to drive the car more anyway!) but definitely get the sense she wants me to back off a bit. She’s very independant so I’m trying to walk the line between support and just being a cotton wool bearing mollycoddler. Oh, also trying to sort out the day-job situation – since I need something new again. Interview this Thursday.

Just can’t be bothered getting worried – but it’s there occasionally. Money, rehearsals, workshop, performance. I hope the play for Ignition doesn’t suck. I hate the first night when you’re sitting there…I just want to vanish, or peep through a crack in the door at the back, but you’ve got to support the actors and director – and it’s incredibly ungrateful to the production crew and venue not to be there. But I don’t enjoy it. I know one writer who doesn’t sit in on his performances. Whatever works for him – but I think you’ve got to force yourself to do it. If nothing else – you need to know where the writing is working and where it isn’t.


5 thoughts on “(BEAT)

  1. Marleen

    (Hello Rik!) 🙂

    What you said about jokes – have you ever read Smoking In Bed, the book of interviews with Bruce Robinson? He says much the same thing about his work: that there are no jokes in it, and he cannot write jokes. (He unveils, toward the end of his book, the first actual joke he says he’s ever written.) It had never even occurred to me that there really ARE no jokes in Withnail. “FORK IT” is not a joke, after all.

    Anyway, my point being, if you’re a comedy writer who can’t do jokes, you’re in pretty good company. 🙂 x

  2. nothingchronicle Post author

    Thanks Marleen, that’s encouraging. Withnail is one of my favourite films as well. I’m really trying a comedy script since it contrasts with the scripts I’ve been writing recently – which seems to be mostly serious…or not what you could class as “straight” comedy. Halfway through I alsways think, “maybe I need to write comedy with someone else” to check it’s funny. But I think this is probably just me doubting myself. And the attempts I’ve made at writing in a duo have always fallen flat.

    Really enjoying reading about how you work by the way! Hope to keep up this blogging lark this time.

  3. Marleen

    It’s weird, trying to gauge audience reaction to anything – not just “is this funny or is it just me?” but whether anything is good or bad at all. Really, the only person you can write for is yourself. You can try to write to someone else’s tastes and they might still dislike it, no matter how hard you try to please them – at least if you write to please yourself, you know there’s one person who definitely finds it funny. And there are bound to be people who will share your taste. 🙂

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