Ignition Rehearsal

Went well. First and foremost. At a pub in Salford called the Black Lion which has several “pods” upstairs. Why people involved in theatre and the arts have to come up with these weird words to describe their facilities is beyond me. They’re not “pods” they’re “rooms”, darling. Anyway, at least they didn’t appear to despise us – which sometimes happens with pubs that hire their rooms out. They really don’t like you being there and the only reason they do it in the first place is because they hope you’ll buy drinks. Thankfully, the Black Lion isn’t like that – and it’s got a good reputation for supporting artists in Salford and Manchester.

This is Carly’s first time directing someone else’s writing and directing actors (other than herself for her own shows) – but she took it in her stride. She’s very into the true emotion of the piece and I think we both feel it would be nice to have longer. These quick shows are good in that they force you to work fast and get stuff done but I think talking to several people they are all itching to try something longer. I’m not, really, since most of my longer work is ongoing anyway and I can continue with that when I like – but it’s different for writing. Short, sharp and brutal is the exception – so I’m still getting a lot out of it.

The actors are a great trio so I’m going to link them all below. Links to Carly also.

I came away again feeling like “yep, I know where I fit.” I feel comfortable as the writer. It feels natural to me. I nearly had a coronary when one of the actors joked I might have to take over one night for him due to a scheduling conflict. I really can’t think of anything worse! And I actually get fatigued having to express my thoughts to people for any extended period of time – so I’d be no good as a director. Being the writer involves just the right amount of interaction for me!

Peter Quinn

Anthony Thomason

Andrew Grogan

Carly Tarett And some of her plays:

Sinful Review and talking about “Princess Dee” below:


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