Rushing Around

Went to see a play starring Chris Bridgman and Martin Harris of Rocket Theatre fame last night. Got there five minutes late due to Google Maps sending us up over the moors. I’m obviously using it wrong and need to click some option or other to select only main roads. I can’t find it however…

Good show – a sort of amalgam of Oscar Wilde and PG Wodehouse – adapted for the stage. Plenty of audience interaction and some very clever magic tricks! With the butler, Middlewick, apparently reading the audiences’ minds at one point! It’s an example again for me that theatre needn’t always be so serious. It can be about entertainment – and I would call the show a crowd pleaser; easily staged and appropriate for a wide range of audiences, from theatres like the one in Darwen, to non-theatre venues, like a golf club for instance, where members are looking for an evening’s entertainment after dinner.

The drama of finding these little regional theatres though is getting increasingly stressful. With S having broken her arm I was driving last night and it was my first time on the motorway – in the pouring rain and at night. Not ideal. Talk about jumping in at the deep end. I think S was actually more nervous than I was, which is understandable.

Then received news that an actor had pulled out from the Ignition gig and so re-writes where on the table. This irked me somewhat since the whole point in my mind was to meet actors and write for them – so to have one pull out was doubly frustrating. However, we found an excellent replacement in the person of the fantastic Peter George. This did mean I had to re-write the character to be younger but it was relatively painless. I also had to constrain myself by the fact that we are 5 days from performance and two of the actors have already familiarized themselves with the script – so it’s too late to go for a sweeping re-write. I think the character still works however and Peter will be great.

Just posted a script off to the BBC and now I’m going to eat some dinner. Lamb chops!


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