2013. Begin.

Well, the new year has started, contrary to the Mayan Long Count calendar, so I’m forced to continue…

Christmas and New Year was a bit stressful for me in that I’m still awaiting news of the day-job – so the festive period consisted of obsessing over an ever dwindling bank balance. Hopefully things will get sorted this month.

In the meantime I continued to write and have reached a certain milestone in that I’ve completed a draft of a full length play. This was written between Christmas and the New Year and is the piece I workshopped with Davinia and In The Red. I’ve written pieces that run to over an hour and a half before but they have never been good enough for me to feel comfortable calling them plays. If I’m honest – they were practice. Some of them I really think are only worthwhile as an exercise in hitting a certain number of pages. But this latest piece has merit. I think…

The shift in 2012 I put down mainly to the university course – and working with Julie Wilkinson. Also meeting people like David Eldridge. Although I didn’t talk to David one to one – I read all his plays, listened to his seminar, and finally assimilated the idea that this is a famous playwright, creating contemporary work of great quality, but he’s just a bloke. The later is the most important point. You can read all the literary theory in the world and wrestle with the intricacies of it all – but if it seems abstract, academic, or just beyond your sphere of experience, I believe you’ll never get a handle on who you are and what you want to write. Meeting real people who have had some success with writing just makes it seem possible. And gives you a place to settle. “This is where I am, that is where I want to be.”

On the topic of the university course the grades came in from MMU and I did well. I don’t want to say what the mark was coz it pisses me off when other people bang on about that sort of thing – but the fact I did well at a level beyond which I’ve worked before (my previous experience was degree level, this was MA) gives me confidence. Not necessarily that the work is good, since you’ve got to believe that or you’d just pack it in, but confidence that if I write well people will get it. Julie and NWP really seemed to understand my approach. Not that I’m writing anything particularly avant garde – but having received so many script reports from readers who simply didn’t have the experience, nor the intelligence, to understand what they were reading – you really need people who are good at what they do to counteract that.

On the final note of script reading and feedback – I have to admit to finding things a little difficult right now. I’m writing more than I ever have, to a higher standard than before, and therefore sending more stuff out into the world. Which is good. The down side to this is that volume and quality does not necessarily translate to success. Success is mainly to do with chance – all you are doing by producing more work is increasing the chances that someone, somewhere, will like something – but the random factor still applies. With more work comes more rejection – since there is simply more out there for people to reject.

Isn’t that depressing?

New Year’s resolution: continue to throw shit at walls.


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