Quitting Smoking

I’ve been puffing away at cigarettes since the age of 18. I started to impress a girl who was much cooler than me. It was a stupid thing to do and I wish I’d never started.

The longest I’ve quit for was a 2 month period last year when I replaced the cigs for electric ones. So, I know I can go without the real deal for a while. Still, the electric cigs are satisfying your body’s craving for nicotine so it’s not really quitting.

But it’s increasingly been on my mind that I need to quit for good and I’m going to go for it, starting today. I want to be fit again and to not have to break up every activity for a cigarette at some point. One good thing is that last week the doctor’s surgery rang up out of the blue and asked if I was still smoking – and would I like help quitting. It came at just the right time. So, my plan is to replace the cigs with electric ones until my appointment on Thursday – at which point I’ll try to switch to patches. Or whatever else they recommend.

I don’t mind admitting I’m going to need help with this. I admire people who can quit cold turkey but I’m not one of them. I’m hoping the smoking cessation clinic will be a real advantage. I work in health care and in my opinion the NHS is one of the greatest institutions our country has created. People grumble about it a lot but the level of dedication and commitment of NHS staff far outstrips that of private health care companies. We live in a country where there is an organisation like the NHS that actually cares whether you’re killing yourself with cigarettes.

That’s something to be proud of.


4 thoughts on “Quitting Smoking

  1. matoneillMat

    This is good news mate – I’m now in week five (I think) and haven’t had a single desire to smoke a real cigarette since I got hold of one of the e-cigs starter packs from Tooty Fruity. I highly recommend them. Healthier, cheaper and you don’t stink!

  2. Simon Depledge

    Good luck Rick!

    Don’t know much about smoking, but going cold turkey has never worked for anyone I know. E-cigs however have worked for a couple of friends. I think just start making reasonable reductions, whittle it down. Stop particular habits (such as smoking before/after a certain meal/drink) one at a time, and it should hopefully perpetuate itself until you’re not smoking at all. Worked for Kate.


    Or just switch to more alcohol and caffeine as a replacement…

    /sip Irish Coffee 😀

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