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What this? WordPress?

Well, I was prompted to write a new blog post after a random person discovered Nova Star Hunters and somehow tracked down this blog! That’s good to know, that past work is still discoverable online (mainly due to Mat posting the shows on YouTube).

I’m probably guilty of not trumpeting older work enough but if you’re not planning on doing more, pushing people towards it is sort of self-defeating, isn’t it? “Here, listen to this – a series which suddenly finishes with no resolution!” Mat would disagree, and I know he’s correct, but I still can’t bring myself to do it.

I rarely update this blog because working on new material seems like a better use of my time. So, although I’m failing in terms of WordPress, I have been busy writing and producing. Noisy Bark is now the place to go for anyone remotely interested in what I’m doing creatively. I’ve been learning new software as a way to produce material since I am sick to the back teeth of creating stuff that requires another person’s green light. I want to be able to take work from the page to finished product myself. Any interest or help from other people is then a bonus – rather than a requirement.

Since making this mental switch I am much happier about what I’m doing. I feel engaged and excited by the possibilities. I’m also in control of whether or not work reaches an audience through SEO and social media. It takes the neediness away. You know what I mean? If you’re a person who creates their own work you will be familiar with the feeling of sitting in someone’s office (a TV producer, a theatre manager, ¬†an event organiser, whatever) and having that internal dialogue “I hope they like the script. I hope they like me. I don’t want to go away from this with nothing. I don’t want to be back to square one.”

Producing material online means I can apply that mental angst somewhere else. “Will the audience like this? Who am I targeting? How can I make sure people find the work?” These seem like better questions to me and I also have some influence over the answers.

So, that’s that. That’s where I’m at. Visit Noisy Bark if you fancy checking out some of my work. Otherwise, catch you later!