Nova Star Hunters

Nova Star Podcast Icon (300)The concept of Nova Star Hunters was originally developed for a BBC initiative looking for new radio comedy. When the show wasn’t picked up we decided to go ahead and produce it ourselves.

We did one season and a single episode of a second season, after which I felt increasingly bad asking the talented actors, and my brother (who did the lion’s share of production on season one), to continue working on the show for nothing. Maybe there just isn’t a way to break even doing full cast audio drama online – or maybe I’m missing a trick! – but I feel it’s a shame we couldn’t continue. Audio drama is perhaps an old-fashioned medium (and a laborious one when compared to producing podcasts or audiobooks) but when the special effects are provided by the listeners imagination, you really can go anywhere!

Although the Nova Star website is closed I keep the shows in a public folder on Google Drive for anyone wishing to listen:

Listen to Nova Star Hunters on Google Drive

2 thoughts on “Nova Star Hunters

  1. eMBee

    i don’t know what the trick is either, but there are several audio-drama series that keep releasing. maybe it is simply the continued enthusiasm to put time into this. or a large enough group of volunteers so that the individual effort is not to much.

    anyways, thanks for keeping your work around. i initially discovered it on youtube, and then found this site after searching.

    greetings, eMBee.

  2. Rik Post author

    Thanks for stopping by. It’s good to know people are still listening to the shows after all this time!

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