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Building a Fence and The Elder Scrolls Online

IMAG0001Well, after complaining about the various jobs that needed doing around the place I spent all day yesterday building a gate. So, I can sort of do things when I put my mind to it. I think one of the main barriers to this sort of stuff is having the right tools. I need a better drill for a start! But at least it works. The point of this particular bit of DIY is to keep Baloo the barking barbarian away from the front fence. He was harassing neighbours. Now I can leave the back door open for him to come and go.

And in other news. I bought The Elder Scrolls Online and I’m enjoying it – but only after spending a couple of hours messing around with config files and trying to get the screen to stop freezing every ten seconds. I still maintain it’s crazy that triple A titles like this require the user to troubleshoot before they will work. See here and here

Despite this I think the game is great. It’s very pretty and the world is definitely Elderscrollsian. I’m not sure what all the Elder Scrolls fans I’ve spoken to are complaining about. You can’t expect an MMO to have as much interactivity in the environment as a single player game and I feel the compromises they’ve made in order for the series to go massive work very well. Currently I’m enjoying wandering around and looking at stuff. Exploring the various environments. I think my guy is going to be a woodworker (given that his RL alter ego has just built a gate!) and I’ve also made him slightly overweight so he’s even more like me!

I’m enjoying doing the YouTube vids too. These are a good distraction when I’m not writing and I’ve got Fraps and Nero Video set up now so I can record and spit out a vid without too much deliberation about formatting. I’m frustrated that my computer isn’t quite up to snuff however. It’s very loud in the background and I’d like a bit more power so I can render things quicker. The thing is, do you wait until you’ve got eveything perfect or do you just plough ahead and put stuff out there? I’ve opted for the later. I think the vids are watchable ¬†enough and will get better once I’ve got the spare cash to upgrade.

That’s that! Comment if you read this – it’s boring doing blogs without people responding.